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Welcome to Padfoot Veterinary Physiotherapy


Expert Veterinary Physiotherapy based in the Scottish Borders covering East Lothian, Scottish Borders, Berwick-Upon-Tweed and Edinburgh. Please get in touch if you are based outside of these areas but would like to discuss treatment.

Veterinary Physiotherapists work along side Veterinary Surgeons to improve mobility, reduce pain and increase patient function and maintain muscular-skeletal health in all animals.

As per the Veterinary Surgeons act (1966) Veterinary Physiotherapists can only treat animals who have been referred, please see the referral form link.  


Physiotherapy combines clinical history, gait and muscular-skeletal assessment together to create a treatment plan for each individual. This includes manual therapies such as massage, electrotherapies and range of motion techniques. All patients are given an exercise prescription based on the individual needs for owners to continue at home. Although, physiotherapy is often used for rehabilitation post soft tissue or orthopaedic surgeries, it is also beneficial to maintain fitness, prevent injuries and joint disease in companion animals as well as competition or working animals. Most importantly it is a therapy that patients enjoy. Physiotherapy is not restricted to dogs and horses, exotic pets, cats and livestock can also benefit.


Common conditions frequently treated by veterinary physiotherapists:


-Back pain



-Other joint disease such as cruciate rupture

-Soft tissue injuries ie wounds, muscle tears

-Pain management

-Rehabilitation post-surgery

-Spinal injury or disease surgical and non-surgical

-Tendon/Ligament damage


Please get in touch to discuss whether physiotherapy could be of benefit.


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