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A new era of animal rehabilitation

What is INDIBA radiofrequency?

INDIBA ® Animal Health activates the body’s natural mechanisms to regenerate and repair, through cellular bio-stimulation.

1. Improvement of blood flow

2. Reduces pain

3. In addition, because it works in a closed electrical circuit, it can be used to treat areas much deeper than other therapy options can reach.

When should Indiba be used?

  • Rehabilitation post injury or surgery. 

  • Prevenative care- for athletic horses or those in regular work. 

  • To aid performance for those working and competing. 

  • Pain management for horses with underlying conditions causing chronic or acute pain. 

Does Indiba work?

Indiba is an electrotherpay utilised in both veterinary and human medicine. 

With over 35 years of experience there are mutliple peer reviewed studies published, supporting the advanced theraputic benefits of Indiba. 

What can INDIBA treat?

Some of the most common conditions:

  • Bone splints

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Sacro-iliac disfunction

  • Ligament and tendon injuries. 

  • Laminitis. 

  • Spinal conditions such as kissing spine or facet joint OA.

  • Pre-surgery support. 

  • Post surgery rehabilitation. 

  • Aids wound healing. 

  • Muscle repair, recovery or maintenance. 

Benefits of INDIBA

  • Provides analgesic effect. 

  • Accelerates healing especially around surgical wounds. 

  • Is able to treat difficult areas such as sacro iliac. 

  • Treatment is compatible with metal implants. 

  • Decreases inflammation.

  • Promotes healing. 

  • Increases cellular metabolism.  

Do I need a veterinary referal to get treatment for my horse?

The updated guidelines state that veterianry physiotherapy can be provided without veterinary consent for maintenance care.

This means a referal is only necessary if the animal is currently under the care of a veterinary surgeon. 

The referal form can be located on the contact page. 


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