Canine and Equine Veterinary Physiotherapy.


Electrotherapies are used for:

-Pain relief

-Improves healing times of soft tissue injuries

-Anti inflammatory effects

-Tendon/Ligament healing

-Anti-bacterial effects (blue light)

-Fracture healing

-Improves Neurological function

Available electrotherapies:

-Pulse Electromagntic Therapy



-Short and long wave ultrasound

Exercise prescription

After each session a exercise prescription will be prescribed for your pet to enable you to carry out appropriate exercises at home.

Myofascial release

Reduces pain by increasing tissue mobility as well as increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage. 

Gait Assessment 

A full gait assessment is always carried out during each session to assess for any lameness or injury. 


Massage has many benefits not only is this enjoyable and relaxing it helps increase blood flow, lymphatic drainage and improves muscle tone, releasing tension thereby releaving pain.